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Group Makes ‘Abortions Are Magical’ Prayer Candles to Celebrate Jesus’ Birth

There is nothing quite like Silent Night sung to the ambiance of candlelight on Christmas Eve. However, one pro-abortion group in Texas has made ‘Abortions are Magical’ candles to hand out as Christmas party favors.

Think about that for a second. To celebrate Jesus birth, this group is celebrating abortion.

The group is Texas Equal Access Fund and their Facebook page says that they make “party favors” to give away each year at their Christmas party. This year, the free party gifts for their volunteers are candles with a unicorn and the words “abortions are magical” printed on the glass holder.

These candles are of the genre called “prayer candles,” which are tall and skinnier than regular candles and made to burn for long portions of time and used to assist mindset and concentration in deep, meditative prayer.

We don’t know what kind of god these homicidal maniacs are praying to, but it’s not the one who was born to an unwed teenage mother and conceived of the Holy Ghost. We assume their god is Molech.