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Parents Magazine Features Young Boy Holding Sign Claiming He Can Have Menstrual Periods

Parents Magazine, which usually features parenting content, posted an image to their Instagram account featuring a four-year-old boy holding a sign saying: “Some men have periods too, if I can get it so can you.”

The photo was posted to the account by Milly Bhaskara featuring her four-year-old, Eli. The lengthy caption detailed her experience telling her son about menstruation, being aware of her language and emphasizing that this is not only a female thing, and that some men get periods, too. She writes that it was so easy for her son to accept this because he had not yet learned of societal “transphobic norms.”

Bhaskara wrote in the lengthy caption:

“Some men have periods.
Some non-binary people have periods.
Some women have periods.

Eli has been told about periods since he saw blood on my pants a couple of years ago (I no longer have them now and tbh it is [expletive] when it’s seen as like the ultimate feminine superpower because I’m still a woman so ??). I didn’t use the language of women have periods because it’s not entirely inclusive.

I told him that SOME women, SOME non binary people and SOME men have periods. It was easy for him to accept as he hadn’t had to unlearn the engrained societal norm but if a 4 year old can grasp it I’m sure most of us can have a crack at unlearning transphobic/misinformed norms and open our minds… ya think? ?

Trans men may have ‘female’ sex organs and still experience periods and some non binary people have periods too therefore removing a female logo off the front of sanitary products helps include us all ? isn’t that wholesome and a nice gesture?

Why in the name of Lizzo should that affect ANY of us… it’s not insulting to women, it’s not discrediting women, it’s opening up the community to make it a safe space for those who don’t identify as women but still have periods.

Stop being a [expletive]. Grasp it.” ?? Tap the link in bio to read more about Always’ decision to remove the female Venus symbol from their packaging to be more inclusive of trans and non-binary people. via @millykeepsgoing

The page has reportedly lost over 2,000 followers, the post gained 2,352 likes in 12 hours. Thankfully the mother of the child and the parenting page received more backlash than praise.

One follower wrote: “corruption of the innocent…the ultimate sign of our moral decline. this is sickening. let children be children!!!!!!!” Another commented: “This child has no clue what that sign is about. This is out of control. Leave the toddlers out of the adult conversations. Anything for some attention huh? Unfollowed.”

The attempt to normalize men menstruating should come as no surprise.

UK school children were officially allowed to be taught that all genders can menstruate in sex education classes, a menstrual product company recently released an ad campaign featuring boys and men getting periods, another menstrual product company removed the “female symbol” from their products.

The push to enforce this agenda onto children is the next step in normalizing the notion that one can transition from one sex to the other and an attempt to corrupt the innocent.