Facebook Says Video of Cross-Dresser Simulating Abortion Does Not Violate Standard

Facebook Says Video of Cross-Dresser Simulating Abortion Does Not Violate Standard

When Azeret Nichols posted a video of a drag queen simulating an abortion, ripping a fake baby of out his non-existent womb, and promptly gnawing on the baby to the cheers and applause of the crowd, Facebook refused to censor the content in any way.

Many were outraged as the video was extremely graphic and disturbing. Some were understandably upset that the video was not taken down or censored especially during Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.

When users reported the video to Facebook, Facebook reviewed it and claimed the video did not violate community standards. These screenshots were sent to Live Action.

Pretending you’re a pregnant woman, ripping a child out of the womb and eating it is no problem for Facebook. Pro-life content is.

The horrific bias is blatant. Videos showing fetal development from conception to birth have been censored because they “may be sensitive to some people.” Facebook has censored pro-life media’s content, flagging it for “hate speech” and blurring out ultrasound pictures.

Facebook allows this grotesque video to reach thousands despite graphic actions while photos of the unborn and pro-life content are censored, taken down, and found to be “offensive” and in violation of community standards.

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