“Transgenders” Get Company to Drop “Female Symbol” from Menstruation Products

“Transgender” people were upset that the international symbol for female was displayed on tampons and other products, so they were able to complain enough to get it removed. This is in spite of the fact that no man in the history of the world has ever menstruated.

Procter & Gamble, [P&G] a major manufacturer of sanitary napkins has caved under pressure brought about by “transgender” women who claim to be men and removed the symbol from their product packaging.

The move by P&G, which produces Always sanitary napkins, was reportedly triggered by a tweet from a trans activist last July, saying, “Could someone from Always tell me why it is imperative to have the female symbol on their sanitary products?”

The “trans activist” added, “There are non-binary and trans folks who still need to use your products too you know!”

P&G responded to the tweet: “Good afternoon from the North American Customer Care team! At Always, we care about the needs and preferences of our Always customers, and we’d like to help you connect with our Always UK team to share your thoughts. They provided a link for those concerned people scared by a label.

Women who are not insisting that people call them men have been enraged by the announced move and have said they will boycott the P&G product. Various women and even feminists are outraged. Julie Bindel, said, “Removing the female symbol from sanitary towel packaging is basically denying the existence of women.”

Bindel, herself an activist feminist, added, “We’re now moving towards the total elimination of women’s biology. The women’s symbol has been used by feminists for decades.”

And in an honest and bold statement, Bindel declared, “This is pure cowardice and virtue signaling from these big corporate brands who are capitulating to the trans agenda.”

One can truly agree here. This is cowardice of the highest caliber. How can a symbol become such a heated topic? Well, it just shows you how sensitive the LGBTQ+ “community” is and that they will clutch at straws and symbols to make a scene and get attention.

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