Abortion Worker is Ordained Pastor Now Promoting Abortion as “Social Justice”

Katey Zeh

A female ‘pastor’ of a Baptist Church recently did an interview in which she claims – in the name of Social Justice – to promote abortion. To do so, she cites the godly women of the Bible and ties it into her pro-abortion fight.

Katey Zeh is the pastor of Pullen Memorial Baptist Church, whose website announces the church is a ‘sanctuary’ for illegal aliens. Zeh is actually a Methodist, but the Baptist church didn’t care enough about doctrine to make theology an issue. Zeh left the United Methodist Church for not being inclusive enough of homosexuals, and so she found herself at the liberal Baptist church in North Carolina.

In the interview posted by Baptist News Global, Zeh recalls her first Sunday at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church and feeling uncomfortable because she wasn’t a Baptist. When she told a congregant she wasn’t Baptist, the congregant told her not to worry because she was Jewish.

What can bring Methodists, Baptists, and Jews (and no doubt some atheists) together to “worship” together? The tie that binds together is Social Justice.

According to Zeh, she first felt her call to ministry working at an abortion clinic.

Zeh claimed, “I really felt my call to ministry while volunteering at a reproductive health clinic that performed abortion services. It came from walking through a line of protesters, who assumed I was a patient, and experiencing the violence of people of faith. I thought, can I be someone who looks different from people of faith who were being violent, and be an advocate for reproductive rights? That was the moment I felt called to that work.”

By “violence,” Zeh means their speech. There’s no recorded act of real violence perpetrated against Zeh or her abortion clinic.

By “violence, Zeh does not refer to the breaking and severing of baby limbs, their dismemberment, beheading, and brain-sucking carnage that takes place upon the innocent unborn. Apparently, she was concerned about the “violence” of the abortion protesters. And in that milieu, she first felt her “call to ministry.”

Zeh now serves as the Director for the Religious Coalition of Reproductive Choice and has added the word ‘Reverend’ to her title, thanks to the ordination given her by Pullen Memorial Baptist Church. This organization was the one responsible for ‘blessing’ the abortion clinic opening in Austin several weeks ago which we wrote about in, Texas Clergy Gather to Bless Abortion Clinic.

Zeh has written a new book, in which she uses female faith figures in the Bible to promote her pro-abortion views. When asked which Bible figures she most relates to she said that she relates to Martha, because Martha wasn’t afraid to “challenge Christ.”

I identify with a lot of them but, personality-wise, Martha of Bethany is the one I identify with most. Martha was working in the kitchen when Jesus was teaching Mary. I think Martha was doing ministry work when she brought her complaint to Jesus. What I love about her is she advocates herself and is not afraid to challenge Jesus about what he does or doesn’t do.

Zeh now, through her abortion work, “advocates herself” and challenges Jesus.

Throughout her interview, Zeh refers to her pro-abortion work as ‘justice’ and her church’s website refers to her work as ‘Social Justice.’

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. – Matthew 18:16