Charismatic Prophet Teaching How to “Smell in the Spirit”

We kid you not. The headline isn’t satire.

As our friends at ChurchWatch Central report, the Charismatic prophetess, Jennifer LeClaire, is teaching people how to “smell in the Spirit.”

Proving that modern charismaticism is basically the Occult mixed with New Age mysticism, LeClaire is an influential and prolific speaker on the Pentecostal lecture circuit. Her articles and profiles are regularly featured in the Charisma publications, as though she weren’t a total lunatic. And now, LeClaire wants you to know that can employ your sniffer in the spirit realm.

Using your supernatural snout and your mystical muzzle, LeClaire will teach you to waft in the odorous presence of both God and demons, whom she claims have different smells.

You can see the advertisement below. LeClaire is selling enrollment in her “School of Seers” which will teach you how to supernaturalize your snoot to pick up on the religious redolence of various kinds of spirits.

Apparently, God’s prophets are like bloodhounds, chasing around demons and angels with their noses in the air, trying to pick up on the scent of the celestial.

The course description says that “many don’t understand this aspect of the gift of discerning the spirits.”

Of course, spirits don’t have bodies. Ergo, spirits don’t smell. You know, because spirits are immaterial, and smells are material and created from material things and are materially perceived.

But, hey. Physics and metaphysics are hard to distinguish sometimes. After all, spiritual things are spiritually discerned (1 Corinthians 2:14). Unless, we suppose, you have a really good nose.