UPDATE: Missouri Judge Blocks State From Defunding Planned Parenthood

In an update on RHS Planned parenthood St. Louis, the clinic that received a 60 page deficiency report, a federal judge blocked a state budget measure to strip tax dollars from groups that provide abortions.

Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit this year, claiming that some of its facilities do not perform abortions and therefore should not be penalized. Judge David Dowd agreed that the defunding measure is “constitutionally flawed,” the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

“… eligible individuals are allowed to choose the provider they wish to see and the state is required to pay for those services on behalf of the eligible individual,” Dowd wrote on the decision.

Planned Parenthood has consistently sued to avoid cuts and to cut corners, and lawmakers often side with the organization instead of the American people. In this case, RHS St. Louis took out a temporary restraining order with the judge presiding over their case in order to avoid losing their medical license. Currently, this clinic, which has violated numerous health codes, is open and operating without a license.

Many news outlets covering this story conveniently forget to mention health concerns and depict the potential closing of this clinic as prejudice against abortion facilities. St. Louis lawmakers have been nothing but lenient. To fully understand the dangerous health violations and how insufficient this clinic is, read more here.

Something to keep in mind about the unhealthy and dangerous operations of RHS Planned Parenthood is that, although numerous women have had health scares following abortions at this clinic, all abortions end with one innocent, valuable life being lost.

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