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Missouri Planned Parenthood Failed Health Inspection, Receives 60-Page Deficiency Report

A new motion was filed by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services asking for St. Louis Judge Michael Stelzer to be given more time in determining whether Reproductive Health Services Planned Parenthood’s abortion facility license should be renewed.

RHS Planned Parenthood, the only active abortion clinic in St. Louis, failed a health inspection so miserably the clinic received a 60 page report from DHSS. The routine annual inspection conducted in March discovered “30 deficient practices” and the practices are now outlined in a 60 page report.

RHS facility license (which allows them to perform surgical abortions) expired on May 31st, was submitted without a plan of correction. Instead, the facility sought and received a temporary restraining from Judge Stelzer to prevent the license from expiring immediatly.

Judge Stelzer later issued a preliminary injunction that is currently keeping the facility open pending DHSS’s final decision on the license renewal.

Instead of immediatly shutting down the Planned Parenthood, DHSS is reportedly coming up with a plan of action for all health violations listed.

It now seems that the 30 violations issued in March have not been addressed in the facility, yet.

Some of the violations include:

  • A failed pelvic exam of a patient which led to two failed abortion attempts
  • Another failed abortion attempt resulted in a patient being hospitalized after she became septic
  • Deviation from standard care that resulted in a patient becoming hospitalized and listed as in “critically ill” as she lost more than two liters of blood and needed a uterine artery embolization
  • Failure to conduct proper pelvic exams or give informed consent to multiple patients

One report on this issue from RHS Planned Parenthood’s contracted pathology laboratory, Boyce and Bynum Professional Services, noted the case of Patient A. This patient received an abortion on May 26, 2018, from RHS PP and later required an additional procedure to remove fetal tissue and placental parts remaining in her womb on June 30, 2018.

Operation Rescue recorded 74 cases within the last 10 years of RHS Planned Parenthood patients having medical emergencies, three required ambulance transport to a hospital within a 22-day period.

DHS has tried to interview seven abortion doctors involved in these abortions and two have been cooperative with the DHS.

This clinic is a perfect example of the free pass that Planned Parenthood gets. From society to lawmakers, Planned Parenthood receives a “get out of jail free card” from the pro-abortion populous. Planned Parenthood claims to care about women so much yet just in this clinic ALONE so many cases of negligence resulting in medical emergencies for the mother have been recorded.

Planned Parenthood’s hypocrisy is revealed in an article released on the Planned Parenthood website on May 28, 2019. The article starts with:

“Missouri poised to be first state without access to safe, legal abortion since Roe v. Wade”

The article continues:

Today at 12pm ET, PPFA and Reproductive Health Services of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region will host a press call to discuss how the state is about to force the last remaining health center that provides abortion to stop providing services.”

So, Planned Parenthood, Missouri is about to “force the last remaining health center that provides abortion to stop providing services” yet the DHS has caught 30 health code violations in a **routine, scheduled** inspection in your ST. Louis facility. The 30 unaddressed health code violations, 74 recorded medical emergencies following appointments at your facility, leaving tissue, which causes infection, inside a woman was healthy? Is your clinic providing safe abortions? The numerous reports say otherwise.

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