Public Prosecutors Sign Letter Refusing to Enforce Abortion Bans

A diverse group of 42 public prosecutors have signed a letter stating that they will not be enforcing the recently passed and soon-to-be passed abortion laws. These bans, that only demand punishment for the doctors performing the abortions, NOT the mothers, will not be enforced by these public prosecutors.

Satana Deberry, one of the signers of this letter, said in an op-ed to Washington Post:

“With thousands of laws on the books, elected prosecutors use their discretion every day in deciding how to wisely and justly allocate resources to promote enforcement of laws that will have the greatest effect on advancing public safety. To do so, they necessarily decline to prosecute certain laws — such as those that criminalize substance-use disorder or adultery — which do not serve the interests of justice.”

Most of the signers of this letter are from pro-abort states such as New York, but three are from Georgia and one from Alabama. The letter, from the group Fair and Just Prosecution, claims that abortion restrictions and bans are “unconstitutional” under Roe v. Wade. Alabama, Georgia and Missouri were called out in the letter for their “unconstitutional” laws that these prosecutors will not be enforcing.

The letter also claims that abortion is “healthcare” and as prosecutors they are responsible to safeguard the “health and safety of all members of our community.” The letter also cites sexual abuse and domestic violence as one of the reasons for an abortion, regardless of Planned Parenthood’s consistent cover-ups of these circumstances.

Many public prosecutors are elected, so come re-election voters will be able to vote accordingly to their beliefs.

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