PCA ‘Revoice’ Investigation Report Says Conference CRITICS Might Have Sinned

A flock of homosexuals gathered at Memorial Presbyterian Church last July to celebrate ‘gay culture’ behind closed doors in a conference called ‘Revoice.’ Those who had been freed of Same-Sex Attraction by the Holy Spirit were not permitted entry (they were explicitly denied registration and refunded their registration fees), and neither were members of the press. The church became a ‘safe space’ for queers to act queer and promote queerness in the name of Jesus (the story told in pictures from the event is enough to demonstrate this point). What makes this interesting is the Memorial Presbyterian Church isn’t the liberal PCUSA denomination, but the more conservative PCA denomination. An investigatory committee recently released their report on Revoice.

Sodomites mocking a critic of the Revoice Conference, holding heart-shaped balloons in a smug embrace.

By the way, the Memorial Presbyterian Church pastor, Greg Johnson, just ‘came out of the closet’ after denying he was gay at the time of the conference. He’s also open to hosting a similar conference for pedophiles.

The Missouri Presbytery Ad Hoc Committee released their report. You can find the full pdf of the report here.

Instead of sharply rebuking the church, the committee offered numerous commendations, including:

We commend Revoice for their mission of providing support for same-sex attracted Christians who seek to remain faithful to the biblical sexual ethic.


We commend Memorial Presbyterian Church for their desire to minister to LGBTQ people and same-sex attracted Christians.

The report didn’t include any condemnations, but did have recommendations, including some to the Revoice Conference itself, including that it “clarify its theological positions” (as though they weren’t clear enough, mercy sakes), that they listened charitably to criticisms of the conference, and that they more actively protect the “peace and purity of the church” (which must be awfully hard to do when it’s gay).

Recommendations to the church itself included that it specifies to its congregation how the church may disagree with the perspective presented at the church conference (it’s weird to assume there are any disagreements).

Recommendations to the Missouri Presbytery include “accept[ing] responsibility for not proactively addressing the controversies and challenges presented by Revoice in a more timely and proactive manner.”

And amazingly, the report asks the critics of Revoice and Memorial Presbyterian Church to consider “whether or not they’ve sinned in the way they handled their concerns.”

We recommend that the Missouri Presbytery urge the critics of Revoice and Memorial to examine themselves and consider whether they have sinned in the way they have handled their concerns.

[Publisher’s Note: My thoughts reading the report amounted to, “You have got to be kidding me.”]

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