Surprising No One, “Revoice” Conference Pastor Comes Out As Queer

Greg Johnson, who recently mocked the Presbyterian site, Aquila Report, for being too conservative

Chalk this up as a big fat surprise, but the controversial Revoice Conference host, Greg Johnson, came out as a homosexual yesterday in Christianity Today.

The LGBT conference that was endorsed by ERLC research fellow, Karen Swallow Prior, and lauded by many evangelicals, refused to let in former homosexuals who had been converted to Christ. Revoice also refused me entrance to the event as a member of the press. They wanted the conference to be a ‘safe space’ for gays to do gay stuff and celebrate the positive aspects of ‘queer culture’ inside the church. And now its host is admitting that he’s gay.

Greg Johnson, whose PCA church hosted the conference, said in Christianity Today that he first confided to a friend that he was gay in the 1990s. Johnson claims he was a ‘different’ kid, who preferred to play with an Easy Bake Oven and tea sets. He said that he knew when he was about 11 that he was attracted to men.

His message is now simply that “Jesus hasn’t made me straight. But he has covered my shame.”

It’s a shame that Greg Johnson isn’t a Christian, as evidenced by the lack of the Holy Spirit’s work in his heart, and that he is among those who are listed who will not enter the Kingdom of God. Sadly, Johnson has been comforted by Sam Allberry and other “gay celibate Christians” who are now teaching – under the guidance of The Gospel Coalition – that the Holy Spirit can’t give someone a new nature aligned with God’s Moral Law.

In Johnson’s tragic tale, the person to whom he first “came out,” he says “didn’t try to fix him or send him to conversion camp.” Then, the friend encouraged him to go into seminary.

Shame on them all. Homosexuals should not be pastors. They are not qualified, and their sinful desire angers God (yes, the desire itself is sinful, as Jesus makes this point in his Sermon on the Mount).

Christianity Today gladly published Johnson’s “testimony,” which amounts to little more than the story of a lost man who has found peace with his lostness.

For a transcript of the homosexual’s sermon at Revoice, which explains a lot, by the way, click here. For Johnson’s defense for hosting the Revoice Conference, you can click here.