Revoice Conference Blacklist on Conservatives Continue, Now Rejects Ex-Gay Christian

Rev. Stephen Black

Pulpit & Pen reported earlier in the day that the Revoice Conference rejected the registration of Peter LaBarbera, a conservative Christian advocate for traditional marriage, Biblical sexuality, and the sanctity of life. We can now report that the Revoice Conference has continued to ban those with a more biblical understanding of human sexuality from attending, and are researching registrants to ensure that none may report negatively on the progressive conference’s undertaking.

We wrote:

In case you’ve yet to hear, the Revoice Conference is an event designed to celebrate “Queer Culture” within the Christian Church, to “de-sin” Same Sex Attraction (SSA), and to move American evangelicals to abandon a traditional, historic and orthodox understanding of human sexuality. Although a conference like this is standard fare among mainline liberal denominations like the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), the Presbyterian Church USA, or the United Methodist Church, embracing and celebrating celibate homosexuality is not typical among more conservative denominations like the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) or the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). The Revoice Conference, however, will be hosted by the PCA, is being promoted by Southern Baptists affiliated with the SBC entity, the ERLC (Matt Chandler, Karen Swallow Prior, and many more), is being organized by a Southern Baptist Theological Seminary graduate and former faculty member (Nate Collins) and is even being promoted by a Master’s Seminary graduate (Preston Sprinkle). The conference is seen as a bellwether   for the direction of conservative evangelicalism, or at least the remnant of it that still exists. Members of the Evangelical Intelligentsia who aren’t promoting the conference explicitly are (laughably) claiming they’re unaware of it (as Russell Moore claimed at the annual meeting of the SBC, even though his ERLC research fellows are helping to promote the conference, and its infamy has been reported widely in the media). As Revoice is aiming to make the evangelical church more inclusive to the LGBTQXYZLMNOP lobby, its organizer, Nate Collins, has rejected the registration of conservative Christian advocate, Peter LaBarbera, excluding him from the event.

SBTS graduate and conference president, Nate Collins, is still busy disinviting those who believe that Same Sex Attraction (SSA) is a sin and can and should be purified from the believer by sanctification in Christ. Adding to the blacklist is now prominent ex-homosexual and now-Christian convert, Stephen Black.

Black revealed today via social media that he also received an email very similar to that of LaBarbera, pictured below.

What about Black was so objectionable?

Black is a former homosexual who has found ultimate freedom from that sin by conversion to Jesus Christ and subsequent sanctification by the Holy Spirit. He wrote the book, Freedom Realized: Finding Freedom from Homosexuality & Living a Life Free from Labels. 

Black is living proof that by the power of the Gospel, the homosexual can be set from from Same Sex Attraction (SSA). However, the purpose of the Revoice conference is to normalize SSA, to “de-sin” it (ostensibly, so long as it is celibate), and to even celebrate “queer culture.” One would think that Black would be able to provide exactly the type of dialogue that is needed in this important debate within the visible church. However, the very Gospel itself seems to be persona non grata at the Revoice Conference.

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