John MacArthur Exposes Freemasonry as Satanic Worship


As exposure of the Freemasonry cult and individual Masons are ramped up here at Pulpit & Pen, the darkness of their deeds will be brought into the light of Christ and made clear for others to see. We are drawing a clear and distinct line in the sand,  saying “no more” to those who want to call themselves “Christians” and Masons.  You are either a Mason or a Christian, choose but don’t call yourself a Christian and Mason. If you are a Mason, you are not a Christian. The double-minded man can not serve two masters and is unstable in all his thoughts  As our brother in Christ and a  coauthor, Seth Dunn has so boldly and with unwavering conviction exposed the Masonry cult in his church, he is standing boldly for Jesus and the Gospel.

In light of the subject of Masons and the Freemasonry cult, I believe this will be an important video that every Christian needs to watch to understand why Christians can not allow Masons in the church. In this video, John MacArthur makes it clear that Freemasonry is a cult and is Satanic.  A person cannot be a Mason and serve the Christ of the Bible. Freemasonry is a dangerous cult that has crept into our churches, and men’s souls are at sake. We must stand against the deception.

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