Leaving the Lodge

Leaving the Lodge

Dear Brothers,

Are you a Christian who has left the Masonic Lodge under conviction of the Holy Spirit?  Would you be willing to share your testimony of being delivered from the sinful practice of Masonry with other Christians, some of whom may be considering joining the lodge themselves?

Here at Pulpit & Pen, we have written several articles exposing the unbiblical nature of Freemasonry.     We believe these articles have been effective; however, almost all of them are outsider perspectives.  Those who have first-hand experience with any religious system (whether it is Mormonism, Masonry, or anything in between) are often the most persuasive.  From our research, we know that numerous churches have been infiltrated by Masonic members who put the welfare of the lodge above dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ.  These churches and their members need help exposing the secret errors of Freemasonry.  Many Christians are simply uninformed about the craft and are unaware about its true, wicked nature.  Thanks to authors such as former Worshipful Master Jack Harris, who wrote Freemasonry: Invisible Cult, many Christians have been educated about the sinister workings of the Lodge and the unbiblical nature of Freemasonry.   However, most people will never entertaining reading an entire book about what they view as an obscure fraternity.  Many people will read a simple blog, however.

Will you contribute your testimony?

Pulpit & Pen is calling on all Christian men who were formerly Freemasons to submit their testimony about leaving the lodge.  Members of the Order of the Eastern Star or people with Masonic family members are also encouraged to submit their stories.  Even the shortest, simplest testimony could help deliver another man out of Masonic darkness.  If you would like to submit your testimony, please contact us at Talkback@PulpitandPen.org.

I personally look forward to reading your responses.   Let’s overwhelm the darkness with the light of Spirit-drive Christian testimony.  God could use your testimony to deliver someone out of sin and fear today; I hope you won’t hesitate to contribute.


Seth Dunn

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