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Southern Baptist Lava Lamps – Douglas Wilson

The Southern Baptist Convention is in decline because it’s elevating cultural engagement and political activism over biblical truth. The lead ethicist, Russell Moore, is partnering with Muslims (in contradiction to 2 Cor. 6:14, Eph 5:11, etc.) to advocate for mosque building. I believe in religious freedom too, but it’s not an idol, and we shouldn’t be disobeying Scripture in order to do it. Further, if Moore would think through his ideology to its logical conclusion, he would see that he’s not simply promoting religious freedom, he’s advocating for a religiopolitical system that seeks to completely overthrow our government, and institute Sharia.

Then we have Ronnie “Ezekiel” Floyd, president of the SBC, regularly partnering with apostates like Mike Bickle (IHOPKC), and the pope to promote his prophecy of a “great awakening” that, supposedly, “God told him” we needed.

And this week, we have a denomination that overwhelmingly voted to ban a flag (confederate) because it’s offensive to the lost world, but they can’t elect a new president.

The freak show last night at the convention with Floyd leading this “prayer rally” was beyond astonishing. It was psychotic. People practicing “name it and claim it,” “praying down racism in the church,” praying “hedges of protection,” screaming out randomly, etc. It looked like the Brownsville revival-lite. The whole scene was scary. I hesitate to use the word, “demonic,” because I simply want to believe that people just don’t know any better. But I’m really in a state of complete anguish over the trajectory of my denomination.

Douglas Wilson of Blog & Mablog writes:

Just the other day, in a masterpiece of bad timing, delegates to the Southern Baptist Convention voted to disassociate themselves from the Confederate battle flag. I maintain this was a cloth-headed blunder for three basic reasons.

First, it was as though the second story of your house were on fire, and the fire department did in fact show up, but instead of hooking up the hoses and going after the fire, the chief decided to lecture you about the pile of oily rags he spotted in your garage. In the general cultural unstuckness that is going down, including, but not limited to, trannies in all our bathrooms, mandated rainbow marriages in all fifty, genocidal mania against the unborn continuing unabated, with black children particularly targeted, perverted sex ed grooming of children in the government school system, despotic rulings coming from the president’s pen, a gathering move to shut down Christian colleges, what do the Southern Baptists do? Why, they figure out a way to denounce the state flag of Mississippi. Glad somebody found the real problem.

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