Tavner Smith: God is spirit, can’t do anything on earth without a body.

In one of the most ridiculous, blasphemous sermons I’ve ever heard preached in my entire life, Tavner Smith, pastor of Venue Church, says that God has no legal authority to do anything on earth. He says that because God is spirit, he can’t fix anything in the world without man. He compares God to a demon, stating that

This is why spirits possess people, because they need a body.

He rants on for quite some time about God’s inability to function in the world without the physical use of man. I guess he doesn’t understand that God created the Heavens and the Earth. How can the creator of the physical universe have no power to operate or function in it? Tavner explains:

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  1. JD Hall says:

    Jeff, this is unbelievable bad. God needs a body? No “legal authority” to operate on Earth? This is…well…I’d think this is probably going to wind up in a Downgrade segment…

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