Jesus Speaks To Little Girl in Star Wars – Gets Baptized in SBC Church

Immanuel Baptist Temple, a Southern Baptist Church in Henderson, KY, has posted the testimony of a 10-year-old girl who was converted upon talking to Jesus in her bed after seeing a Star Wars movie.

My family went to watch Star Wars, and I started thinking about Jesus … I started thinking that salvation is sorta like the movie Star Wars, because in Star Wars, there is a light side and there is a dark side, and there are two leaders for each.

So far, yes, this sounds exactly like salvation and the Gospel. She continues,

I usually don’t compare things, but there are choices…After the movie, I went to bed. I was talking to Jesus and realized that my heart finally matched what I was thinking in my head. I’d always gone to church and loved the lessons. But it was through the episode of Star Wars that Jesus told me that I was ready to choose the light side.

Her testimony is that Jesus came to her and told her that she was ready to choose the light side through…. Star Wars. And a Southern Baptist Church decides to baptize her based on this profession of faith?

[Contributed by Pulpit & Pen]