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Pastors ‘Decree and Declare’ the Favor of the Lord on ‘President to Be Clinton’

Last week, Hillary Clinton visited Mother Bethel A.M.E. church in Philadelphia, where she addressed a group of about 50 black pastors from around the country. During this meeting, the ministers laid hands on her in a prayer, in which they “decreed and declared” the favor of the Lord on her, while she stands there bobbing her head and repeating the words along with the others…acting all like she believes in God, or something. Decreeing and declaring is an unbiblical practice that is gaining ground in Word of Faith circles, and creeping into evangelical churches. It is based on a misunderstanding of the believer’s authority in Christ.

Mark Tyler, lead pastor of Mother Bethel can be seen in the video, but is not the one leading the prayer. See the following video and transcript of the prayer.

Until he comes again,

Secretary Clinton,

and President to Be Clinton,

We decree and declare,

from the Crown on your head,

to the sole of your feet,

that the favor of the Lord,

shall surround you like a shield,

In Jesus Name