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Perry Noble Compares Himself to Barnabas in Trying to Restore Driscoll

Perry Noble has put out a video in support of Mark Driscoll, using the account of Barnabas’ “restoration” of John Mark to ministry (which is an interesting retelling). In the clip, Noble compares himself and Driscoll to Barnabas and Mark. Other claims include…

  • Yes, Driscoll did some bad things “back in 2002” but you probably looked at porn last night
  • Driscoll has apologized and “said sorry” (which he did…to Joel Osteen). If you can find an apology from Driscoll regarding everything else at Mars Hill, please contact P&P.
  • Driscoll has hurt people, but so have you.
  • There are 3.5 billion unreached people, so who are you to judge when so many people need Jesus?

You can watch the clip below.

Remember, Driscoll is speaking soon at Perry Noble’s “leadership” conference.

People like Perry Noble will keep Driscoll around because he’s still a product, however damaged. They’ll keep him around for the same reason Lifeway still keeps The Mystery of the Shemitah on the shelves. The moment has passed, but some fool might still come along and give some money for it.


[Editor’s Note: For a reminder of Driscoll’s unrepentant behavior, click here. For a reminder of the Biblical qualifications of pastors, click here. For a few posts on Perry Noble from Pulpit & Pen, click here]