Caner Smacked Down By Judge, Rebuked, and Ordered to Pay Up

The court, which previously ruled against Ergun Caner in his lawsuit against Jonathan Autry (Caner also lost his lawsuit against Jason Smathers) has been ordered to pay the legal expenses in what the judge called a “frivolous lawsuit.’

Click here to see the court documents

Not only did the judge rule that Caner had to pay attorney fees, he offered up a scathing rebuke and did something that Southern Baptist leaders like Johnny Hunt have not done – spoken truth on the matter.

Caner 1


Improper motives…multiple, objectively unreasonable legal and factual positions (apparently, Caner made statements of self-contradictory facts).


Caner 2


The judge has no problems calling a spade a spade – Caner wanted to stifle criticism, not protect copyright claims.


Caner 3


Boldfaced contradictions…it seems Caner’s life is full of these.


Caner 4

The judge states this a number of times. Notice, this suppression of criticism was due to the “alleged” contradictions in the “narrative that supported his rise to prominence. Please remember that you, Johnny Hunt, or Brewton-Parker College wouldn’t even know who Ergun Caner was if it weren’t for the falsehoods in his testimony that aided his rise in stardom.


caner 5

At this point, we need to hear from Brewton-Parker’s VP of Communication, Peter Lumpkins. Lumpkins has stated a multitude of times that this lawsuit was all about copyright issues. The judge repeatedly says that such an idea is an absurdity and Caner’s lawsuit was a frivolous attempt at censoring his critics. Well, Peter…what do you have to say now?

The judge in Caner’s failed lawsuit against Jason Smathers has yet to decide on whether Caner will have to pay for that frivolous suit as well. Please pray justice is served there as well.

In the mean time, Caner is scheduled to preach at Johnny Hunt’s church and Southern Baptist churches continue to have Caner defile their pulpits. Please pray for repentance in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Finally, I can’t help but wonder if the trustees at Brewton Parker, like Bucky Kennedy, think the judge is part of this so-called “pagan attack.”



[Contributed by JD Hall]

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7 Responses

  1. Bennett Willis says:

    Well, that appears pretty clear. Obviously, Lumpkins will either be silent or explain to us that the Judge has no business drawing conclusions regarding EC’s motives. Same for Tim Rogers. But their comments (or lack thereof) will be interesting–as always. One or the other may come up with something new.

    Regarding EC’s being unable to afford the fees, his stated plan was to drive Autry into bankruptcy if Autry continued to resist. If the worm turned, EC should be prepared to do the same thing himself.

  2. Silence? Maybe Peter is worried about JD treating him like Ergun treated me. Count Two was a little 1:15 video where the longest clip was 28 seconds long. This was rare for me. I normally used longer clips for context, but I was trying to be funny. I guess it worked, because White shared it. Ergun filed Count Two unlawfully. Before you file suit, you are supposed to register your copyright claim and Ergun never did. The judge pointed out in his ruling on fees that there is no reasonable way for Ergun not to have known this since he did file for Count One and Smather’s Count Three and Four.

    Well JD, I am sure you know that Peter has a little 1:17 video critical of you. If he thinks that Ergun was OK to unlawfully sue me over 1:15, maybe he is worried about you unlawfully coming after him. 🙂 Seriously though, how hypocritical is it for Ergun to have a communications director that is doing the same thing he sued me for?

  3. SLIMJIM says:

    Caner is such a liar…I’ve been encouraged to see good court decisions in the news this week…then I got sad thinking about how non-Christians can sometime be a better judge than even Christian leaders in the case of Caner

  4. The Squirrel says:

    Jonathan, I don’t think “hypocrisy” is in Lumpy’s dictionary… The whole section from “honesty” to “hypocrisy” seems to be missing…

  5. cb scott says:

    JD, it was a low thing to pursue a man’s kid for this vendetta. Even the old time mobsters left family out of it.

  6. An Attorney says:

    There is more in the ruling. The judge laid out Caner’s actual history and his claimed history and showed the contradictions, ergo the judge showed in writing that Caner is a liar.

  7. Bennett Willis says:

    The Judge concluded what any person who can read concludes when they read EC’s writing on the subject and listen to what he says. The Judge is just “more official” than most of us and is charged with understanding and making decisions based on information that he receives. While it might not have turned out this way, I think that this is what we all expected.

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