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SBC Entity Creates Affirmative Action Scholarship in Honor of Martin Luther King

As the Southern Baptist Convention is hemorrhaging members in dramatic decline and suffering from giant missions shortfalls, more than four million dollars is dedicated annually to the socially-progressive entity, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), run by former Democratic staffer, Russell Moore. For that four million dollars, the SBC has received in return a … Read more

Joel McDurmon, Once Repudiating Social Justice, Now Promotes It

Joel McDurmon has a problem with definitions. He also has a problem being blown to and fro with every wind of doctrine. Beginning as a fire-breathing son-of-the-south and grandson-in-law to the preeminent proto-Kinist, RJ Rushdoony, McDurmon was a staunch advocate of stoning rebellious youth and promiscuous women, as was every theonomist before him. After a … Read more

The Evangelical Deep State, Part 2

Part One of this article was published on December 18, 2017. Over a month later, interest in the issues raised in the article remains high, and the questions over associations of evangelical leaders like Al Mohler, Tim Keller, Russell Moore, and Marvin Olasky continue to linger. Efforts to dismiss the well-documented findings as the “ramblings of … Read more

Pastor Exposes Southern Baptist Deep State; Ed Stetzer Loses It

SBC Today, of which we are not ordinarily fond of because they are on the other side of the soteriological aisle and because their nomenclature of “traditional” is hardly astute, published an article entitled, “Is This the Evangelical Deep State”? Drawing parallels to the “Deep State” – an assortment of entrenched bureaucrats without ties to … Read more

Fake John MacArthur Page Turns JMac Into Joel Osteen

Facebook users were surprised to see John MacArthur reach out to them in a personal message. They were even more surprised that what he had to say was something like what Joel Osteen would say. We reached out to one of the discerning Facebook users who was thinking: “Wait a minute.” You can tell that … Read more

Charismatic Prophets Claim Hurricanes are “Latter Rain” Predicted in Joel 2

Pentecostals associated with the “First Wave” of the charismatic movement claim that their fraudulent faux-miracles and gobbledegook tongues are the “latter rain” prophesied in Joel 2. Many Christians are familiar with the prophecy of Joel 2 because it is cited by Peter on the Day of Pentecost during the initial outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the … Read more

The Gospel Coalition Says the Oscars Matter [insert eyeroll]

Did you know that the Oscars should matter to Christians? So says Samuel James and the cultural commentators over at The Gospel Coalition. Now, you may not realize it because you’re not savvy enough at impacting the culture for the sake of human flourishing (or however they talk over at the Intelligentsia water cooler), but … Read more

On The Gospel Coalition’s “Wretched Infatuation” With Culture

Phil Johnson posted perhaps the most appropriate response to it.  His one-word reaction evokes a sort of slack-jawed, eye-rolling, bang head on desk, “Father forgive them” chiding. (Phil Johnson is the Executive Director of Grace To You.  According to the website, “He has been closely associated with John MacArthur since 1981 and edits most … Read more

Are the ERLC and TGC Merging into One?

There are two primary engines driving the popularity of Social Justice into the heart of quasi-conservative evangelicalism. Once bulwarks for a solid Biblical worldview and stalwart defenders of the Gospel, both organizations have experienced serious mission drift in recent years. Both organizations have developed a penchant for terminology from the social progressive lexicon, like “racial … Read more

The Joel Osteen Ordinance of Child Baptism

  “Five hundred people, including children, adults and even a man who traveled all the way from Boston were baptized this weekend with their Lakewood Church Family.”  That’s the description on the Facebook post by Lakewood Church. Five.Hundred.People. Baptized by a charlatan. Yeah. “Including children.” A 60-second video of the event was posted January 29 … Read more

On Joel McDurmon's Abandonment of Theonomy

I explained to you in April how Joel McDurmon abandoned the major tenets of theonomy, and how now he denies most of the argumentation he presented in our Theonomy Debate. Oddly enough, McDurmon still claims the title of “theonomist,” even while redefining the term. Sadly, some followers of McDurmon and American (re)Vision haven’t caught on … Read more

Joel McDurmon: Wrong on MacArthur, Wrong on the Kingdom of God

Joel McDurmon – who left the major distinguishing tenets of theonomy some time last year – is for some reason still keeping the fires stoked at American Vision. One would think that the last organization promoting theonomic reconstruction that’s not yet in archive mode might have dismissed McDurmon for ideological treason (they’ve treated other absconders … Read more

Polemics Terms: Evangelical Intelligentsia

DEFINITION The Evangelical Intelligentsia are those who purport to be smarter or more distinguished academically than most local church leaders. Typically, the Evangelical Intelligentsia consists of those not in exclusive ministry to local churches, serving instead academic institutions or parachurch ministries. HISTORY Peter Berger coined that phrase in The Emerging Evangelical Intelligentsia Research Project done for … Read more