Fake John MacArthur Page Turns JMac Into Joel Osteen

Facebook users were surprised to see John MacArthur reach out to them in a personal message. They were even more surprised that what he had to say was something like what Joel Osteen would say. We reached out to one of the discerning Facebook users who was thinking: “Wait a minute.” You can tell that the user wasn’t having it.

The Facebook page in question is entitled simply, “John. MacArthur”. As you can tell above, it looks legitimate (kind of).  One Facebook user had the following exchange with “Dr. MacArthur,” who reached out to them:

First, Dr. MacArthur knows that Jeremiah 29:11 is not a fortune-cookie verse designed for indiscriminate cultural appropriation. Secondly, Dr. MacArthur would never say, “All you need to do is be obedient…and every other thing your hearts desires shall come to you…

Good call, discerning Christians. That’s not JMac. He then laid the JSmack down (we just invented a new term) on the imposter.

Oddly enough, the November 18 post on the fake JMac’s page called the fake prosperity Gospel “damnable heresy.” But then, in a wicked underhanded way, the person sends prosperity promises through Facebook messenger. You can see the fake page here. If you all will mess with them enough (and we know you will), we might have the page shut down by lunchtime.

Besides, everybody should know that Dr. MacArthur only uses Pinterest.

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