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Steven Furtick Is Pretty Sure God Sinned

“Pastor” Steven Furtick just plain doesn’t understand such central truths about the Christian faith, like what Jesus Christ was doing on the cross. Apparently, and to the surprise to every single person familiar with the Bible throughout human history, “God broke the law for love” when Jesus died on the cross. To be fair, though, what … Read more

Steven Furtick Gladhands TD Jakes’ Church – Gives $35,000 To Jakes

Furtick has made the news quite a bit lately. Recently, his church posted an idolatrous video, which has since been taken down, practically worshiping Furtick. It’s not unusual for Furtick to preach a message that totally distorts the reality of Jesus Christ, and twists his Word beyond recognition. (See here and here). He regularly partners … Read more

Steven Furtick Has Faith in “Doubt”

In the seeker-sensitive church movement, one of the prevailing streams of thought are the idea that doubt is a good thing. In other words, doubt is viewed as a positive that can be used to develop one’s faith in Jesus. In the video below, Steven Furtick, pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC, quotes “the opposite … Read more

Steven Furtick – Teaching heresy about the walls of Jericho

Then he goes on to preach that coming to church lifts our perspective to be able to see beyond those walls, and that there’s something about “making and effort to get into God’s presence” that will “elevate your perspective” to be able to see past your problems and you will see that

the enemy that you were intimated by, was actually intimidated of you all along.

TNB drops Millionaire Heretic Kenneth Copeland after 40 years, Picks up Millionaire Heretic Steven Furtick

Trinity Broadcasting Network, the hive of scum and villainy where discernment goes to die and sheep butchers merrily go out on daily flock-fleecing expeditions, announced that after 40 years of partnering with arch-heretic Kenneth Copeland and his Believer’s Voice of Victory program, that they were taking old bessie out to pasture in “pursuit of a new … Read more

T.D. Jakes and Steven Furtick Conference is only $1000

Looking to blow a bunch of cash on listening to a trinity-denying heretic and his best pal talk about “leadership?” Well, you’re in luck. Modalist T.D Jakes is hosting The 2021 International Leadership Summit (ILS), which will be a “transformative experience for those of you who are ready to become a more agile, effective leader … Read more

Possibly the Scariest Steven Furtick Video Ever?

Steven Furtick goes on a 49-second rampage stating that the devil “ties us up” because “he is so afraid of what might happen to him if we got loose,” because we are just “so important to God’s purpose.” For more on Steven Furtick, see here: Discernment Database – Steven Furtick

Chris Rosebrough: Clayton Jennings Making Steven Furtick Look Humble

  Recently, Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith reviewed one of Clayton Jennings’ videos that he recorded on Facebook while driving as well as a spoken word video that he did attacking those who oppose him. Pulpit & Pen and Polemics Report has exposed Jennings for his continued impenitence after taking advantage of several young women prior … Read more

Elevation Church, Greg Locke, Julie Roys, and JD Greear Were Awful While I Was Sick

In the Halcyon days of Pulpit & Pen, new articles came out every day. There were multiple writers contributing back then and if nothing was getting published JD Hall would inform us quickly that “the website was growing cobwebs”. Unfortunately, the site has had cobwebs for a few years now; it’s just me writing. Between … Read more

Elevation Music and Your Worship Team

Last week here at Pulpit & Pen I published a post entitled “Elevation Worship: Manslaughter or Murder” questioning the motivations of music ministers who include Elevation music (and music from other unbiblical organizations) in the worship services at their churches. I concluded that those ministers were in error regardless of their intent and level of … Read more

Elevation Worship: Manslaughter or Murder

Do you know the difference between first degree murder and second degree murder? Premediation. In other words, it’s a more serious crime to plan to kill someone and carry through with that plan than to deliberately kill someone in the heat of the moment. Do you know the difference between murder and manslaughter? Intent. It’s … Read more

Charles the Tree and Andy the Apple

“Obey God and Leave the Consequences to Him” Charles Stanley There is probably no greater insult the child of a revered parent can recieve than “The apple has fallen far from the tree.”. As someone born in the early 1980s, I can think of no preacher more revered than Charles Stanley. For decades, Charles Stanley … Read more

Ain’t Gonna Play Sun City Baptist Church

In 1985 a group of popular musical acts calling themselves Artists United Against Apartheid released the song Sun City. Sun City was a resort in the internationally unrecognized and nominally independent state of Bophuthatswana, which was created by South Africa 1977 as a part of its system of apartheid. Despite the lucrative opportunities available to … Read more