Chris Rosebrough: Clayton Jennings Making Steven Furtick Look Humble


Recently, Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith reviewed one of Clayton Jennings’ videos that he recorded on Facebook while driving as well as a spoken word video that he did attacking those who oppose him. Pulpit & Pen and Polemics Report has exposed Jennings for his continued impenitence after taking advantage of several young women prior to his marriage during his ministry. Rosebrough discusses how the elders of his church revoked his ministry license and how Jennings subsequently restored himself to ministry. Rosebrough compares Jennings’ diatribe against “haters” to Steven Furtick.

Rosebrough discusses Jennings’ connection to the New Apostolic Reformation and other theological and orthopractic inadequacies he presents in his video. We invite you to listen to this episode of Fighting for the Faith starting at the 43:47 minute mark.

See the original Fighting for the Faith program here.

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