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Steven Furtick – Teaching heresy about the walls of Jericho

Well known false prophet, Steven Furtick, of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC, is teaching that Joshua, Chapter 6 is about “changing your perspective,” and “seeing over your [personal] walls.

It wasn’t that Jericho was so big that made it a challenging city for them to conquer, it was that Jericho’s walls were so high…

Furtick says.

because some of the stuff that goes on in your life, some of the stuff that God has promised that you have not received yet, some of the stuff that you’re intimidated of…it’s not that it’s really bigger than you, because God is in you is bigger than anything you face, it’s just that your perspective gets blocked by how high the walls are.

Then he goes on to preach that coming to church lifts our perspective to be able to see beyond those walls, and that there’s something about “making and effort to get into God’s presence” that will “elevate your perspective” to be able to see past your problems and you will see that

the enemy that you were intimated by, was actually intimidated of you all along.

See video below.


In typical Word of Faith fashion, Furtick eisegetes this text, misinterprets it, and misapplies it to the lives of his congregants. While the original passage is about God being faithful to fulfill God’s promises and God’s will, Furtick takes this passage to mean that God promises us to have our victory over our problems–we can “use God” to accomplish our goals. This narcissistic eisegesis is classic among the Word of Faith such as Osteen, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, etc.–coming together and speaking the Word of God will somehow “mobilize” or “stimulate” your faith and allow God to work through you.