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Thabiti Anyabwile Says White Heterosexual Men are Society’s “Oppressors”

[Capstone Report] A Southern Baptist Pastor who said white Christians should admit their parents and grandparents were complicit in the assassination of Martin Luther King has now argued that white heterosexual men oppress LGBTQ persons in the United States. In a Twitter exchange over Critical Theory, Thabiti Anyabwile was asked by Neil Shenvi: “Thabiti, do … Read more

Thabiti Anyabwile Writings Defending Marxism, Terrorists, Anti-Semites Now Discovered

A popular contributor to Social Justice institutions like The Gospel Coalition and 9 Marks, Ron Burns (who now goes by the name Thabiti Anyabwile) wrote articles defending Marxism and radical anti-American and anti-Semitic terrorists. Anyabwile is a leading figure in the new Evangelical Left. And yet, the sin of racism seems to stain his past … Read more

Thabiti Anyabwile Hijacks Pro-Life Movement to Push Marxism and Leftism at SBC Seminary

[Reformation Charlotte] On January 24, Thabiti Anyabwile was invited to deliver the chapel service at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Anyabwile began the sermon with a historical comparison of abortion to various other holocausts such as the African slave trade and the Jewish holocaust, rightly marginalizing abortion as having a far greater death toll than any … Read more

Thabiti Anyabwile Welcomes Alliance With Christopher Hitchens For His Racially Divisive Agenda Of Secular Monetary Reparations.

Prominent Southern Baptist Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile, who changed his name from Ron Burns to identify with the Nation of Islam black nationalist movement, demonstrated in a recent tweet, that not even militant atheists such as the late Christopher Hitchens are off limits when it comes to gaining allies for his political agenda. I did not think … Read more

Thabiti Anyabwile Tells White Evangelicals No Reconciliation Without “Owning” Their Complicit Racism

In the latest video from Thabiti Anyabwile at The Gospel Coalition, he mirrors his statements from two weeks ago that white people are complicit in the murder of Dr. King. Anyabwile’s real name is Ron Burns. Burns took the name “Thabiti Anyabwile – he says – to identify with the Black Nationalist Movement. A product … Read more

Thabiti Anyabwile Says All Whites Are Complicit in Murdering Martin Luther King, Jr.

Ron Burns changed his name to Thabiti Anyabwile to identify with the Black Nationalist Movement. When he converted from Christianity to Islam and then from Islam back to social-justice Christianity, Anyabwile continued to identify with the Black Nationalist Movement and kept his name. Today, Anyabwile – a protege of Mark Dever – is a favorite … Read more

Thabiti Anyabwile May Not Be the Race-Relations Expert We Should Look To

As the evangelical world looks for the cause of racism (hint **it’s sin**) and looks for the solution to racism (hint **it’s the gospel), it’s important to know where not to look. Some have looked toward Ron Burns. You know Ron Burns by his Muslim name, Thabiti Anyabwile. I would encourage against that. The “Gospel” … Read more

TGC’s Thabiti Anyabwile Wants the ‘barking-when-a-white-man-speaks-out-of-turn’ thing to Happen

The Gospel Coalition’s Thabiti Anyabwile revealed more of his true feelings and depravity of his heart when engaged in some highly racial, low-brow humor that would have him howling if a white person ever said it. To familiarize yourself with Anyabwile, the pastor has used his social media platforms to lobby for the restriction of Americans’ Second … Read more

If Thabiti Anyabwile is Really Sorry, He’ll Change His Name

Thabiti Anyabwile’s non-specific apology to non-specific people for non-specific things has accomplished its purpose; it has signaled his virtue as an introspective man and caused his ideological opponents to graciously bow to his humility. We wrote about his faux apology in the articles, Please Do Not Dignify Thabiti’s Unmanly Apology and ‘Thabiti Anyabwile’ Offers Apology … Read more

“Thabiti Anyabwile” Offers Apology to “White Evangelicals” Before Pulling Back

In an “I’m sorry you got offended” type of public apology, Burns issued a mea culpa regarding some of the brazen militancy of his discourse. What many people are overlooking is that it was originally addressed to “White Evangelicals” and then changed to “Some Evangelicals.” This is important because Anyabwile’s entire agenda has served to … Read more

The Gospel Coalition’s Thabiti Anyabwile Lauds Foul-Mouthed Gun-Grabber

Albert Mohler recently said at the Shepherd’s Conference Q&A that those people he ‘platforms’ speaks for his position on Social Justice. That’s a fair assessment, and we agree completely. Albert Mohler platforms, through Southern Seminary, The Gospel Coalition (he is a council member) and his social media the most radical leftists in evangelicalism. Most recently, … Read more

Dear Ron: A Letter to “Thabiti Anyabwile” About Beth Moore

Dear Ron, First off, I’m not going to call you “Thabiti Anyabwile” and it’s not just because that eats my spellchecker alive.  Your name is Ron Burns.  You are not from Africa, you are from North Carolina.  You’re not a Muslim.  You’re a Baptist preacher.  Listen, I’d sooner call Ron Simmons “Farooq” than call you … Read more