TGC’s Thabiti Anyabwile Wants the ‘barking-when-a-white-man-speaks-out-of-turn’ thing to Happen

The Gospel Coalition’s Thabiti Anyabwile revealed more of his true feelings and depravity of his heart when engaged in some highly racial, low-brow humor that would have him howling if a white person ever said it.

To familiarize yourself with Anyabwile, the pastor has used his social media platforms to lobby for the restriction of Americans’ Second Amendment freedoms, refers to his leftist positions as “pro-life” issues and yet endorses pro-choice candidates like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, recently suggested that foreign governments hack our elections to prevent Trump’s reelection in 2020, says opposing reparations for blacks is from the devil, and claims that all white evangelicals are guilty of racism.

Anyabwile’s real name is ‘Ron Burns’ but he chose the name ‘Thabiti Anyabwile’ to identify with the “Black Nationalist Movement,” a move he made prior to converting from Christianity to Islam. Afterward, Anyabwile claimed to have been reconverted to Christianity but chose to keep his Black Nationalist name, which should tell everyone something about him.

Though the post may be intending to come across as humour, with Thabiliti laughing uproariously, we can’t even imagine what he or others who’ve been continually dragging their white-skinned brothers for years would have said if a white prominent evangelical leader said the same thing, only reversed:

“Can we please make this whole ‘barking when a black man speaks out of turn’ thing happen?”

Even as a joke. What would be the response from Thabiti or Eric Mason or those pro-choicers at Jemar Tisby’s Black Christian Collective be, if a bunch of white pastors said that as a joke during a sermon, or a throwaway line at a bible study, or caught on a hot mike sniggering about their black brothers and sisters in a droll but disgusting manner?

Also, what does “out of turn” refer to? Does he mean when white folk speak on race when they shouldn’t, or try to respond to the demand for reparations? Or how about when they seek to destroy and distance themselves from the blackstabing organization known as Black Lives Matter. Is that when white people should be barked at? It’s not as if some authors haven’t already suggested that. In fact there’s a Twitter account with 600k that does this very thing.

From the trajectory we’ve seen from a growingly emboldened class of commentators, ‘barking-when-a-white-man-speaks-out-of-turn’ thing is exactly what many of them want.

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