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PSA. Our Editorial Use of the Label ‘Homosexual/ Lesbian’

Given some of the commentary we received from our recent post on Jackie Hill Perry, we here at Pulpit & Pen wanted to clear up any confusion or misapprehension about or use of the label ‘homosexual’ or ‘lesbian’ to describe different professing Christians, so that everyone has absolute clarity.

This has been our longstanding practice in PNP articles: we will refer to any person who claims the Holy Spirit will not mortify their homosexuality and must continue to live with those passions as a homosexual.

We do not refer to Rosaria Butterfield, as much as we find her problematic, as a lesbian, because she professes to be free of the passions of her former ignorance. But we will continue to refer to Sam Allberry and his Gospel Coalition lesbian-harem as homosexuals.

This is how we deal with other kinds of sin regularly.

The person who still struggles with desires to get drunk is an alcoholic, regardless of whether or not they, in fact, get drunk. In addiction counseling (former L.A.C. here), they teach you there is no such thing as a “recovering alcoholic.” You are an alcoholic or you are not. There are alcoholics, and there are *former alcoholics* but there are no “recovering” ones.

We believe in the Holy Ghost and affirm that when the Lord saves you, he will sanctify your heart to no longer want the sins of your former life. Many thousands of former homosexuals have been completely freed of their passions by the Holy Ghost; but they are not featured at the Gospel Coalition (they are persona non grata).

We do not think it coincidental that those gay eunuch-class homosexuals at TGC who are regularly trotted out to refer to homosexuality as their “cross to bear” (sin is not a cross; the cross mortifies sin) are by-and-large ungodly subversive hominterns. I can’t think of a single exception to this rule.

You might disagree with his, but that is the editorial policy of PNP News. If we were not under attack by hominterns in the church, our decision might be different and the wording include some kind of caveat (but we can’t think of a short caveat). It would have to be phrased as something like, “former actively practicing homosexual who refuses to admit the sinfulness of homosexual desire and still desires to take part in the sin but is yoked by the law to avoid it rather than sanctified by the spirit to be set free of it.”

But that’s a lot of words, so we’re just going to use the word “homosexual” to refer to them. Thanks for listening.


We could put it in a much more simple way, now that we think about it:

“We make no distinction between being a homosexual and being Same-Sex Attracted (SSA), because that distinction is derived from the devil.”

Sincerely, the team at Pulpit & Pen.

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