Official Twitter Account of PCUSA Posts Anti-White Messages In ‘Awakening To Structural Racism’ Series

The PCUSA, eternally competing with the ELCA and United Methodist Church to reach the bottom of the Woke Barrel, tweeted out a series of posts over the last week, haranguing members into white-shaming themselves and embracing all the bile the Blackstabbing movement known as Black Lives Matter has to offer.

The church tweeted on Wednesday with a press release about their demonstration:

“White people get to settle and colonize, take and own and sell human lives. They get to determine who is the ‘us’ and who is the ‘them’”

And chat they did. Discussions centered on the evils and callousness of the white person, as light-skinned participants learned about the work being done by the PCUSA) to dismantle structural racism.

The event included messages from the Rev Kamal Hassan offering deep insights such as :

[Presbyterians] “tell the church to reform and always be reformed into something it never was — a safe space for Black people. The Holy Spirit is put on timeout less she make us do something indecent and disorderly, such as listening to the voices of Black women and girls. And still we rise.”

The Rev. Carolyn Helsel, noting that Black Lives Matter was founded “on a love letter” argued that founding story of this blessed and sacred organization is being overrun by narratives that Black Lives Matter “is an anti-government, anti-authority movement coming into towns and doing violence,” when from her perspective “nothing could be further from the truth.’

We are in a season of fear already because of the pandemic. Our bodies are stressed, and our fear of ‘the other’ is played up by our political divisions. I tell white churches that racism is never partisan, but it’s always political…. white Presbyterians need to think about what are the stories we tell ourselves about our whiteness and what it means to be Presbyterian.

The festivities included a list of questions to discuss such as ‘what are microaggressions?’ ‘How do institutional racism and white supremacy intersect with your faith and/or faith tradition,?’ ‘What is white fragility?’ and ‘Why are white folks – especially white Christians – averse to saying black lives matter? ‘

Here is an example of a question whose answer was retweeted by the PCUSA feed.

If you didn’t want to rip off your white skin and flush it down the toilet before this event, you did afterward. Whereas prior to this social-justice shindig the ELCA and PCUSA were neck-and-neck in the race to see who had fallen furthest way from biblical orthodoxy, we think this gives the PCUSA the lead.