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It’s Official- Jerry Falwell Jr. ‘Resigns’ from Liberty after Explosive Sins Exposed

Update #1. According to Politico

Jerry Falwell Jr. says he is not resigning as president and chancellor of Liberty University, contradicting news reports announcing his departure from the Evangelical school.

“I have not resigned,” Falwell told POLITICO on a phone call on Monday evening. Asked how the news reports of him resigning had gotten out, he replied, “I don’t know.”

“I have not resigned. I will be on indefinite leave,” Falwell repeated.

A Liberty University spokesperson earlier on Monday responded affirmatively to a reporter’s text message seeking confirmation of whether Falwell was resigning. The spokesperson added that a formal statement would be “forthcoming.”

Jerry Falwell Jr. has resigned as President of Liberty University, ending 12 years overseeing the world’s largest Christian University after a spectacular flameout of sin and debauchery that should serve as a cautionary tale for anyone who does not take heed, lest they fall.

Falwell took a leave of absence earlier in the month after the infamous Trailer-Park-Boys themed-party-with-pants-unbuttoned-on-a-yacht pictures emerged, hoping to ride out the controversy and come out victorious- stronger than ever.

Pressure from outside forces, as well as achingly loud calls from within Liberty from professors, admins, students, and Alum to have Falwell resign and give up the ghost had their impact and were reverberating throughout the hallowed halls of the institution. But still, the board of Trustees demured, on Friday putting off the decision one way or another while they considered further rumors that were swirling around regarding deep, dark, and abiding sexual misconduct from the President and his wife.

Then the news broke across social media and in major newspapers worldwide. The Falwells were involved in some weird sexual juju, a trifecta of terribleness in the form of a years-long affair between Becki Falwell, Jerry Falwell, and a poolboy that involved much, much cuckoldry. After a business deal soured, the pool boy had turned on them and was extorting the Falwell’s to keep silent. Things went sideways, emotional hell was experienced, and everything came tumbling down around them.

Falwell tried to spin in a last-ditch effort to paint himself as a victim and his wife a lesser one, releasing a statement to the Washington Examiner denying any involvement in the affair and monkeying about with the timeline and details in order to absolve himself, throwing his wife under the bus to be flattened and absorbed into the ripping-hot asphalt by the crushing weight of 35,000lb of steel and seats.

The Falwells ruse was was unsuccessful, and Jerry’s role at Liberty is no more.

With Falwell out, Chairman Dr. Jerry Prevo will continue serving as acting president, a role he has been assuming for the past several weeks. Prevo served on the Liberty University Board of Trustees for nearly 25 years and has been the Board Chairman for the last 15. We don’t see any sketchy yacht pictures in his future.

We expect many more sordid details to emerge about Falwell and his family. These are details, quite frankly, we likely will no longer discuss or write about any further.

For now, pray for his children, for his family, and for their souls. The Falwells need Christ, and we sincerely pray He saves them.