Racism Didn’t Kill George Floyd…Leftists Did.

The story is altogether too common. A black man allegedly resists arrest, only to be man-handled with excessive force and killed by police. No doubt, it’s a tragedy. But why are America’s leftists blaming racism and not the police state?

Leftist evangelicals, in particular, are quick to blame racism and “whiteness” for the incident, despite the lack of any evidence. Race-hustler and evangelical subversive, Jemar Tisby, is trying his hand at racial trauma counseling, encouraging blacks to write a letter to “whiteness” (a Cultural Marxism term that refers to more than skin color) and setting it on fire.

The Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee’s suave president, Ronnie ‘Armani’ Floyd signaled his virtue earlier today by jumping to the conclusion as well.

Certainly, the officers’ cold indifference to George Floyd’s pleas for help were ungodly and inhuman, but they could be blamed upon any number of maladies of the soul including general sociopathy.

Without confirmation that these officers hold racist views, the fact that they killed a black man is not evidence enough they’re racist. In fact, given that black officers are more likely on average to kill black criminals than white officers indicates a far more likely motivation than racism…police state authoritarianism.

Consider that the death of George Floyd comes on the heels of the most draconian police-state impositions in Minnesota history. At no other time in that state’s history (or the history of the United States) have the police been granted more power to act outside the law in order to enforce their subjective standards of “public safety.” By and large, liberal Americans have insisted it’s the job of law enforcement to keep us safe at all costs. Public safety has become, in the eyes of leftists like Jemar Tisby, the primary role of government, even up and against the protection of our liberties. On his Twitter platform, Tisby has praised police for shutting down churches, arresting pastors, and maintaining social distancing under threats of arrest.

Minnesota has especially strengthened the resolve of its police state in recent months. Governor Tim Walz has mobilized the state’s police force to harass church-goers, business owners, and First Amendment advocates with threats of arrest, citations, fines, and criminal penalties. The list of civil rights violations perpetrated by Minnesota’s Democratic government will be litigated in court for years to come. Simply put, thanks to Minnesota’s liberals, the police are expected more than ever to put public safety above individual liberties.

The claim that George Floyd’s death was at the hands of racists rather than at the hands of the police state will do nothing but stoke racial tensions. Note a response to Tisby’s racial trauma advice (below).

Leftists seem incapable of recognizing that they cannot hand unlimited power to the police to promote “public safety” and simultaneously act incensed when someone disobeying police orders gets choked out. That’s what happens in a police state, and that’s exactly what liberals have fostered in this country for twenty-five years.

In theory, working against authoritarianism should unite both conservative whites and blacks who remain focused on civil liberty protections. However, where there should be solidarity, there is division because race-hustlers would rather make this a matter of combating racism than fascism.

Leftists have been fine with handing the police the power to do “whatever necessary” to assist public safety. In Minnesota, the police simply treated an allegedly publicly-intoxicated black man like they have been treating church-goers; the difference is, the black man resisted their orders and wound up dead.

America’s liberals need to understand that there are consequences of a police state, and one of them is that punishment often will not fit the crime.