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ERLC Official Uses Platform to Attack SBC Whistleblowers


The assurances and claims from Albert Mohler and Danny Akin that their seminaries haven’t experienced “liberal drift” have been exposed as absurdly fraudulent, thanks largely to the work of SEBTS graduate, Jon Harris. Using video, writings, and personal testimonies of students and professors, Harris has led a string of whistleblowers to testify credibly to what anyone paying attention already knew; SBC seminary leaders have abandoned biblical faithfulness for the Popularity Gospel.

Harris hasn’t been alone in this effort. Countless others have blown the doors open, including Alan Atchinson, Judd Saul, Tommy Littleton, Reformation Charlotte, and most importantly an army of both young men and seasoned pastors whose platforms range from pulpits to podcasts.

Anyone at this point who thinks accusations of liberal drift, Cultural Marxism, Critical Race Theory, egalitarianism, and theological liberalism at Southern Baptist institutions aren’t true are basically shameless conspiracy theorists. The evidence is in. The verdict has been delivered. There is Downgrade in the SBC, documented meticulously in a thousand different ways.

The regular Evangelical Intelligentsia lemmings have circled wagons around Mohler, who finds himself vulnerable due to the propagation of so many indisputable facts. In doing so, these men of great renown (on Twitter and in the ivory towers built by Cooperative Program funds), have resorted to painting Jon Harris as a Neo-Confederate RACIST!!! (this is how I insist on spelling it), which I discussed yesterday in my podcast here (or if you’re a niggardly cheapskate and insist on the free version, here).

It should not surprise us that men accused so definitively and substantially of Critical Race Theory should resort to painting all critics as indomitable racists as a matter of pure, woke instinct. That’s what Critical Race Theorists do. But sooner or later, Southern Baptists need to ask to what extent they approve of Cooperative Program teat-drinkers viciously attacking whistleblowers.

A case in point is Joshua Wester, the “Director of Strategic Initiatives in the Office of the President at the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission,” one of the useless bureaucratic trolls in the leftwing lobbying arm of the SBC that is run by a Democrat and spends 61% of its budget on hiring stooges and only .7% on doing its actual job. Wester just wrote an article at Baptist21 (run by one of Danny Akin’s boys), attacking Southern Baptist whistleblowers.

In case you’re unaware of Wester, remember that he teaches that Democratic liberalism is the best form of government. Perhaps he’s not the best one to claim there is “no liberal drift” in the SBC.

The article, entitled On Critics and the SBC, lambasts doctrine-minded conservatives of the usual snowflake canards including “misrepresentations, crafting fabrications, maligning character, slander, ‘accusing the brethren’ and gossip.” And if we’ve heard that list once we’ve heard it a thousand times.

Weston, like the rest of Mohler’s and Akin’s defenders, made not a scintilla of effort to refute any of Harris’ claims (because he can’t). For the drip-nosed, morally-preening, latte-mafia it suffices merely to make unsubstantiated accusations to refute substantiated accusations.

One line, in particular, stands out from Weston’s whistleblower-shaming…

Allowing these digital broadsides to continue unchallenged threatens the integrity of the entire convention

This line must be repeated in the Intelligentsia’s damage control memos, because it’s sure repeated with frequency; it was used against Dr. Fuller, who Albert Mohler fired for raising concern about SBTS’s liberal drift.

Let me be clear:

Critical Race Theory threatens the integrity of the entire convention.

Cultural Marxism threatens the integrity of the entire convention.

Politically correct pandering and virtue signaling prattling threaten the integrity of the entire convention.

Theological liberalism threatens the integrity of the entire convention.

Thinly veiled egalitarianism threatens the integrity of the entire convention.

Camouflaging leftist political activism as political neutrality threatens the integrity of the entire convention.

Firing whistleblowers threatens the integrity of the entire convention.

These men are not kingdom-minded servants of the Lord Jesus. They are organization-builders, trying desperately to hold on to their offering-plate gravy train. They are not fighting for truth, they are fighting for their continued salary and benefits. If they care one bit about the genuine integrity of the denomination, they would thank whistleblowers and throw them a parade. Instead, they attack truth-tellers as though they are their enemy.

Have I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth? (Galatians 4:16).

In the meantime, keep in mind the ERLC spends only .7% of its funds on public policy work. In the greatest crisis for religious liberty in American history, the “Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission” has been utterly silent, save a few blog posts telling churches it’s their Christian duty to close down. In fact, the ERLC is a wicked cabal of Russell Moore’s knee-breakers, maintaining their denominational power and pushing their liberal agenda upon Southern Baptists no matter the cost.

[Publisher’s Note: I don’t ordinarily read junk-blogs like Baptist21, so thanks to Tommy Littleton for the heads-up]