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Hundreds of Doctors Warn ‘Continued Lockdowns Will Kill People’

The narrative that the medical community has a “consensus” about coronavirus is a rampant conspiracy theory, as evidenced by hundreds, if not thousands, of doctors who are warning that additional lockdowns will cause the untold deaths of many innocent people. And yet, their voices are being silenced by the mainstream media.

In a letter signed by more than five-hundred physicians, President Donald Trump was warned last week that state lockdowns amount to a “mass casualty incident.”

The letter reads, “We are alarmed at what appears to be the lack of consideration for the future health of our patients. The downstream health effects of deteriorating a level are being massively under-estimated and under-reported. This is an order of magnitude error” (see below).

The letter continues, “The millions of casualties of a continued shutdown will be hiding in plain sight, but they will be called alcoholism, homelessness, suicide, heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure.”

The Bible tells us in the words of Christ to “love thy neighbor” (see below). Because of this command, social distancing and forced quarantine measures should be abandoned immediately.

Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself (Matthew 22:39)