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Meghan McCain Says Praying During Coronavirus Panic is ‘Dangerous’

For some reason, when anti-religionists hear Christians ask for prayer they get really, really angry. Whether it’s a pandemic, “gun violence,” or some other horrific thing, there’s increasingly a hostile attitude toward people who turn to God.

The “conservative” co-host of The View, Meghan McCain, spoke hatred towards faith in an interview with Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Elizabeth Hasslebeck, a previous long-time cohost on The View had made a guest appearance on the program and encouraged people to pray that God be gracious to America in the wake of the Wuhan Flu.

That was enough to make McCain really angry and swear-off ever co-hosting with Hasselbeck ever again.

Although Cohen mischaracterized Hasselbeck’s words, McCain was there in person to hear it.

What Hasselbeck actually said was, “I think there can be a fine line between what is precaution, what is taking precaution, and what is panic. Yes, we’re going to take precautions, we’re going to Purell, pray that God’s got us in our tomorrows. We pray that this coronavirus is extinguished, that it stops in its tracks.”

McCain told Cohen, “Somebody actually sent me a screenshot of my face when she said that. I took this virus seriously from the very beginning, and I thought a lot of this rhetoric was really dangerous. I think it’s really, really unfortunate and dangerous that she said that.”

She went on, “I don’t need to co-host with her again, and it’s unfortunate, because I’ve been a huge fan for a long time. Anybody who is screwing around with this virus and putting out misinformation, I don’t really have a lot of time for right now.”

It’s unknown how asking for prayer is “misinformation,” but an anti-religion bias often turns to such irrational hatred.

Another girthy talking-head, a one-time View co-host, Rosie O’Donnell also attacked Hasselbeck for mentioning the importance of prayer.