Kenneth Copeland Says God Foiled Devil’s Plans For COVID-19 By Cleaning up Atmosphere

Kenneth Copeland, professed billionaire and MBABIC -that’s ‘Michael Brown Affirmed Brother In Christ’ for the uninitiated- continues to delight meme-makers who have taken to utilizing his sermons and making wonderfully entertaining videos out of them. Gesticulating wildly, Copeland proffered in a sermon snippet yesterday that the devil and his minions either caused or created the coronavirus but God thwarted that old snake’s dastardly plans by (temporarily) clearing up the canal water in Venice and the smoggy skies in L.A.

In less than 6 months, the devil and the people that serve him, unleashed horror on this earth. But our God…you know he comes on the scene…cleaned up the atmosphere. The canals in Venice are clean. Whoever heard of such a thing? In less than 6 months. Glory to God he cleaned up the whole atmosphere while everybody stayed at home. There’s no smog in Los Angeles, ahhh the devil ripped it again, didn’t he? Hey, that’s our God, man.

If Copeland is thinking of a biblical basis for such a notion, such as the story of Joseph being sold to the Egyptians and the plan of God to raise him up to be the vizier, making good from evil, it should be noted that God does not “come on the scene” after the fact, but rather The Lord planned the whole affair from eternity past according to his providential decree, in accordance with his revealed will and secret will so that everything might have a divine purpose. Certainly, we don’t see the imagery of God ‘outfoxing that sneaky devil!’ that Copeland seems to be working with.

We suggest you rewatch the video and focus on the guitar player. His expression completely mirrors our own when we consider what to make of this theological nugget. The tone of his ‘wow’ accurately expresses what we think of this revelation.