Mohler Will Leave SBTS Like He Found It.

Albert Mohler is an interesting egg. And by “interesting” I mean he’s a leftist two-faced scoundrel hell-bent on returning Southern Seminary to the way he first found it. But no matter how often Mohler proves he’s on the other side of the ideological divide, his teat-fed piglets with denominational spoils-system milk mustaches swear up and down he’s one of the good guys.

I’ll give an example of the frustration I feel regarding Albert Mohler.

Right now, I’m running an Independent Political Committee (you know it as a PAC), challenging a RINO candidate who happens to have started the College Democrats at Liberty University during his college days. He went straight from hosting Obama campaign victories to moving to my Montana town to register and run as a Republican.

Color me skeptical.

After his first term in the Montana legislature, he crossed over to vote with Democrats 213 times. He has an F-rating in party loyalty. He calls pro-life organizations “extremists.” He voted for taxpayer-funded abortion under Montana’s version of Obamacare. There’s not a tax-increase he hasn’t voted for. On top of that, if he doesn’t have a Grindr account I would be shocked.

Campaigning for this fellow is the local Democratic Central Committee…I kid you not. They’re endorsing him in the paper. Democrats. And yet, Mr. RINO insists he’s a Republican. He insists he’s “pro-life” (by that he means pregnant women need free healthcare, their unborn babies be damned).

What our political committee is doing is exposing his voting record, his real beliefs, where he really stands. Yes, I recognize he says he’s a Republican, but he’s one in name only.

The challenge with Albert Mohler is exactly the same. Yes, he says Critical Theory is unbiblical. But on the other hand, he employs Critical Theorists.

Yes, Mohler says he would fire professors teaching Critical Theory.
At the same time, his professors are on video teaching Critical Theory and within days of it being exposed, he promoted them rather than fire them.

Yes, Mohler claims to be a conservative. At the same time, he’s promoted every single radical woke leftist at the reigns of power in the SBC.

While leftist hacks, egalitarians (“soft complementarians,” they call themselves), and woke extremists finger-wag us to death about the Ninth Commandment, one of those professors broke his silence through a surrogate, his son.

The Capstone Report covers the comments from David Fuller, here. But essentially, it’s what we told you all along:

1) Albert Mohler promised to fire anyone who signed the Dallas Statement at the first opportunity.

2) Albert Mohler did fire the sole Dallas Statement signer at the first opportunity.

We called it. We called it, we called it, we called it. We told you so.

But, the Southern Baptist Convention’s equivalent of the Democratic Party (there’s crossover there, actually) is out in force telling us it’s just a coincidence and Mohler is totally a conservative.

If conservative evangelicals had an ideological loyalty scorecard, he would get an F. If Mohler was a politician, he would be a Mitt Romney kind of conservative.

Albert Mohler will leave SBTS like he found it. He has rid it of conservatives, even though they all still claim to be conservatives. He has filled it full of egalitarians, even though they still claim to be complementarians. He has filled it full of social justice activists, even though they claim their focus is the “gospel.”

Wake up.