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Did Your Church Close? It’s Beyond Time to Repent and Apologize.


Most people are starting to realize that the Great Coronavirus Panic of 2020 was grossly overblown. Most are starting to realize that the hysteria surrounding the so-called “pandemic” is infinitely worse in every quantifiable way than the virus itself. The question is if churches, like the rest of society, will own up to their mistakes and recognize their duplicity in following mass hysteria rather than leading in a time of crisis.

As states begin to re-open and businesses reemerge into what is likely a hopelessly damaged economy caused by mass-delirium, the world is feeling hoodwinked by what has amounted to just plain bad science.

Yesterday, the New York Times reported

“If the numbers prove accurate…the virus may be much less deadly than originally expected, with a fatality rate more closely resembling that of a bad flu strain than a pandemic of profound lethality.”

Over the last several days, the tide has turned regarding “scientific consensus” and public perception of coronavirus. Even the staunchest critics of shutdown protestors are openly admitting that most of the draconian government-imposed shutdown orders were completely unnecessary.

In the earliest days of the panic, on March 26, I said in a Facebook post, “

If this is accurate, the coronavirus response will prove to be the most expensive mistake in history.

This article from the Daily Wire was quickly labeled “fake news” because it contradicted the narrative of the federal government. I know news, I know the Daily Wire, and I know how to read. I knew there was nothing fake about this article and I went on to predict that any scientific data that contradicted the ‘conventional’ narrative would be labeled fraudulent. What I didn’t predict is how many Christians, usually skeptical of the government, grew angry at physicians, epidemiologists, and researchers who provided an alternative view of the data.

Facebook’s “fact-checkers” began to label anything that contradicted the Pope of Infection Diseases, Anthony Fauci, as fake. Having been the target of Facebook’s fact-checkers for years, I put no stock in their assessments. However, many Christians proved themselves as easily manipulated as lemming secularists. Even though Fauci first predicted two-million deaths, he revised it only days later to two-hundred thousand. And then, to one-hundred thousand. And then, to sixty thousand. Why people put stock into what this man says, as though it is more astute than any number of world-class epidemiologists who vocally disagreed with his figures, I’ll never know.

While the tyrant-tolerant masses chalked up their failed predictions to the “success” of social distancing, the empirical data told another story. We already reached the peak of coronavirus long before we even knew it existed. Sixteen times more Americans have contracted the virus than we first knew, and the virus was so weak that it didn’t even raise the attention of the medical community who shrugged their shoulders at the nasty little respiratory going around back in October up through March. With it mostly all said and done, our healthcare infrastructure has not even come close to being overwhelmed. Any shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) or ventilators is entirely due to the medical community’s precautionary overreaction to this benign little virus and not due to the virus itself.

In an astounding move of 21st Century Idiocracy-Culture, our government leaders decided to quarantine the healthy instead of the vulnerable, crashing our economy and wrecking countless lives in the process. If only we could find a vaccine made of Brawndo (it has electrolytes) we would be living in a dystopian non-fiction film.

God gave churches a perfect opportunity over the last six weeks. If Christians had only been obedient to the Bible, faithful in their assembling, and steadfast in their resolve to worship, they could have been seen as the right ones all along. Instead, most churches trembled in boots and turned out the lights right when they should have been shining the brightest.

We have made our case for continuing to assemble despite a God-hating government throwing its weight around, most succinctly in the posts, May God Help You Feckless Cowards Who Canceled Worship to Honor Caesar and The Church is Running from The Pale Rider, Whose Name is Death.

Steadfast Christians were told that we were anti-science when it fact we turned out to be right about coronavirus being comparable to the seasonal flu.

Steadfast Christians were told that we weren’t loving to our neighbors when it turns out their irrational panic was far worse for our neighbors than the virus itself.

Follow our new Facebook Page HERE. P&P has been fully throttled by Facebook, so we have moved to THIS LOCATION.

Steadfast Christians were told it was our duty to obey tyrants, even though the dust is starting to settle on those unconstitutional orders, and virtually no citation, penalty, or arrest for worshipping will be upheld in court (almost all have dismissed, overturned, or rebuked by attorneys general and the courts).

In the meantime, all of the dire doomsday predictions of Chicken Little Christians are proving to be wrong. Will the church’s summer soldiers and sunshine patriots now apologize? Will the fairweather friends of Jesus finally repent of tucking their tail instead of standing up?

I predict that Christians who closed their churches will soon virtue-signal their bad decisions, claiming that at least they erred on the side of caution. I addressed this from my Facebook page a few days ago:

Christians needed church more than ever in the last six weeks of darkness. Our followers and church-members needed the assembly. We needed the Lord’s Supper. We needed togetherness. Pastors have abused their churches, derelicted their duties, and neglected their congregations for literally no good reason at all.

On the first Sunday churches gather whenever Caesar gives them permission, pastors need to walk to the pulpit and openly repent for making the easy decision rather than the right decision. The scientific and medical facts are not on their side, and the best they can argue is that lots of people were wrong.

Strangely enough, it will be the fairweather friends of Jesus who will be the last to open their doors again, long after the bars and taverns and casinos are again bustling. They were among the first to close to their doors when the panic set in, and will be the last to reopen. And that’s because doubling-down on bad science will be easier for them than just admitting they were wrong to begin with.