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Boise Man Sues Idaho, Demanding to Compete Against Girls

[Montana Daily Gazette] A male student at Boise State University is suing the state of Idaho for not letting him compete in female-only sports competitions. The man suffers from gender dysphoria, a mental health condition that makes people believe their gender differs from their sex. Idaho recently passed the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act (HB500), sponsored by Rep. Barbara Ehardt (R-Idaho Falls), and the man has retained the ACLU to help walk back the common-sense law with litigation through the courts.

The man uses the fake name, Lindsay Hecox, and wants to compete against girls on the Boise State track and cross-country teams. There are spots available on the boys’ team, but Hecox insists on racing females.

The ACLU lawsuit reads, “Running on a men’s team is not an option for Lindsay. She is not a man, and as a woman who is transgender, it would be painful and humiliating to be forced to be the only woman on a men’s team.”

Of course, Hecox is not a woman, or he would have XY chromosomes. Nonetheless, the ACLU wants to subordinate, insult, and mock women by having them compete against Hecox, even though he is a man and enjoys differently-abled biological athleticism.

The lawsuit also reads, “It would also be contrary to her medical treatment plan for her gender dysphoria, which requires that she live her life in all respects as the woman she is.”

Apparently, the ACLU believes that Hecox’s mental illness requires the entire state of Idaho to play along with her psychosis.

However, legislation recently passed in Idaho states, “Athletic teams or sports designated for females, women, or girls shall not be open to students of the male sex.” The ACLU hopes to repeal this legislation through an activist and anti-science judiciary.

[Publisher’s Note: This article was originally published in the Montana Daily Gazette]