Jim Bakker is Thiiiiiiiis Close To Shutting Down

Jim Bakker, peddler of end times wares and false prophecies, spent the last few minutes on his show yesterday revealing that they were in some dire financial straights due to false claims made on his show a few months prior.

His guest, naturopath Dr. Sherrill Sellman, extolled the virtues of her “silver solution” which she said while wasn’t tested on the COVID 19 strain, it was shown to be effective against other strains of coronavirus and “Totally eliminate it. Kills it, deactivates it.”

The label on the bottle stated that the solution contained no ingredients other than deionized water, and was selling along with “silver lozenges” through his store for up to 125$.

As a result of this predation, Bakker encountered several legal problems, including being sued for falsely misrepresenting the effects of the product. Though Bakker completely denies suggesting that the colloidal silver could cure coronavirus, enough people disagree, which resulted in his credit card processing companies drop him. This reduces his ministry to only be able to accept checks over the phone, a move which he said is not sustainable.

Baker closed out his broadcast ” For the last few weeks [the processing companies] have been taking the money and putting it in their own accounts. We have not received money. They think because somebody told a lie about us, so now they’re saying, ‘Well, the people might want their money back, so we’ve got to keep all your money.’ Please stand with us. If people come against us, then it’s going to be impossible for us to stay on the air.”

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