Google Bans Church’s Streaming Because the Preaching is ‘Insensitive’ During Pandemic

I warned Christians last week that the endless “helpful suggestions” from government officials to churches was, if anything, a trap. I can’t help but choke on a bit of vomit every time I hear a pro-choice pagan magisterium poobah offer worship advice to churches, but it happens literally every day. Modern-day Caesars are extolling the virtues of “virtual church” (hint: there is no such thing) to Christians who all-too-often nod their head in naive compliance, as though it’s a tyrant’s place to give the church of Jesus worship advice.


But beyond the nauseousness of it, it’s downright dangerous to believe that the Internet is a safer place for Christians than our own church sanctuaries.

To be clear, we own our pulpits. We can preach whatever we want there, political correctness be damned. We don’t have to give two shakes what people want to hear because we’re far more convinced we should preach what they need to hear. So long as the people still come, we can still say whatever we want the Lord lays on our heart from the Scripture.

Imagine then, the idiocy required to move our worship to the Internet and think that somehow it doesn’t amount to at least a potential problem for our freedom of speech. We don’t own the Internet. Zuckerberg (or somebody) does. A court decision just this year determined that social media platforms aren’t public utilities and can censor anybody they want for any reason.

Perhaps I saw this coming because Facebook is always throttling PNP News, sending out their bevy of Soros-funded “fact-checkers” to take exception with our tone (I kid you not) and informing us they’re muting us with a political correctness muzzle. I just shook my head in disbelief that churches were trading their real pulpits for vulnerable ones.

Well, sure enough, some Christians are finding out that tech giants are censoring their sermons and church service streaming because they are (ostensibly) “criminal.” Some pastors have reported Facebook claimed they were “soliciting illegal goods or services” by posting sermons during a lock-down.

The website, CaldroonPool.com, says the following regarding Doug Wilson and the boys over at Christ Church…

On Friday, Google suspended Christ Church’s app from the Google Play store after accusing the pastors of a lack of sensitivity and/or capitalizing on the current coronavirus pandemic.

The church received a notice from the platform, stating: “We don’t allow apps that lack reasonable sensitivity towards or capitalize on a natural disaster, atrocity, conflict, death, or other tragic event.

“Your app has been suspended and removed due to this policy issue,” the notice added.

Christ Church associate pastor, Toby Sumpter, did a segment on a Biblical response to plagues. Other videos were posted calling the nation to repent of various sins. But to Google, that was “capitalizing on…a tragic event.”

Listen, meatheads…this is what happens when you preach exactly where Caesar tells you to. You’re going to end up in a corner somewhere.