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FL Sheriff Who Arrested Preacher Let Murderous Inmate Out to Make Room

Liberals have an odd sense of priorities. As with many bleeding-heart crusaders around the country, “amnesty” advocates in Florida lobbied various county and state facilities to let out dangerous convicted criminals in order to protect them from coronavirus. As was perfectly predictable, one of them went on to murder a member of the public.

The Hillsboro County Sheriff, Chad Chronister, arrested Rodney Howard Browne (who holds to the heretical Montanist doctrine and is a member of the New Apostolic Reformation) for holding church several weeks ago. But in order to make room for pastors, Chronister first let out 163 criminals out of “compassion” so they wouldn’t get COVID-19. Then, the inevitable happened.

It turns out that criminals are better fit for jail than preachers (who would have thought?).

Joseph Edward Williams was let out of the jail by Sheriff Chronister on March 19. Rodney Howard Browne was arrested on March 30. Then, according to the New York Post, Williams fatally shot a man the very next day in the Progress Village area of Flordia.

He was arrested Monday. Florida later clarified that public worship was exempt from gathering bans. County prosecutors will still be pursuing charges against Browne, however, because his infraction of the Sheriff’s rules came before the governor’s clarification.

Note: Sheriff Chronister arrested Browne in the aftermath of a murder caused by his own dumb decision, and from here, arresting the preacher seems like a cover-up and distraction from his malfeasance.