Actress Credits Abortion For ‘Beautiful Home,’ Hybrid Car At Abortion Rally

Actress and former talk show host, Busy Philipps, recently spoke at a pro-abortion rally held outside of the Supreme Court to protest a Louisiana law demanding abortionists have admitting privileges at local hospitals.

Philipps has previously spoken about having an abortion at age 15. In her speech, she credits her abortion for her “beautiful f***ing home,” husband, and car.

“There I was, sitting in Los Angeles, in my beautiful office of my own late-night talk show. Soon I would be driving my hybrid car to my beautiful f***ing home to kiss my two beautiful and healthy children and my husband who had taken the year off to parent so I could focus on my career.”

“And I have all of this, all of it! Because, because, because, I was allowed bodily autonomy at 15!”

“I will not be shamed into being quiet. We will not be shamed into being quiet. Never again!”

“I will never stop talking about my abortion, or my periods, or my experiences in childbirth, my episiotomies, my yeast infections, or my ovulation that lines up with the moon!”

Busy Phillips is just one of the many actresses crediting their dead child for their success. When Michelle Williams accepted her golden globe award, she claimed her success wouldn’t have been possible without abortion. Alyssa Milano has also spoken about sacrificing her child for “great joy.

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