Video: Vegans Demand Roosters Be Separated So They “Don’t Rape the Hens”

How do vegans in a super-soft snowflake culture spend their time? Not only are they busy advocating for chicken welfare, they are separating hens from roosters because they “don’t want the hens to be raped.”

We kid you not.

Almas Veganas’ (‘Vegan Souls’), a group for vegans in Spain, based in the town of Girona, shared the video. Predictably, the group refers to themselves in absurd titles including ‘anti-speciesist‘ and ‘transfeminist.’ 

Watch the video:

The footage (above) was translated by Daily Mail, and shows the men smashing eggs because they “belong to the hens.” It doesn’t have to make sense. It’s veganism.

Then the vegans explain that “we separated the cocks because we don’t want the hens to get raped.”

It’s not satire, folks. It’s real.

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