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Alyssa Milano Speaks Out About Sacrificing Her Unborn Children For “Great Joy”

Alyssa Milano, an actress and advocate for abortion “rights,” boasts in her podcast, “Sorry Not Sorry,” that she had two abortions in 1993 and credits the death of her unborn children for her now joyful life.

According to Milano, she credits abortion for giving her “freedom” that she would not have had without the ability to murder someone. Kiling her babies also allowed her to have other babies, she argued.

“I would not have my children — my beautiful, perfect, loving, kind an inquisitive children — who have a mother who was so very, very ready for them. Fifteen years after that first love had fizzled, my life would be completely lacking all its great joys. I would never had been free to be myself — and that’s what this fight is all about: freedom.”

Milano also addressed not letting morality get in the way of her life-ending decisions.

“I refuse to let anyone else’s [expletive] morality to force me into a life of premarital celibacy. I refuse to live in the narrative that sexual pleasure is for men and that women exist to deliver that pleasure.”

Perhaps Milano did not know how conception happens, and there was a degree of scientific uncertainty regarding how one gets pregnant, considering she had not one but two abortions in the span of a year.

For those who, like Milano, apparently are confused about how babies are made and would like to avoid the temptation to murder your kids, here’s a guide to how babies are made.