Draq Queens Teach UK Pre-School Students to Masturbate at ‘Story Time’

[National File] An article from 2017 by The Sun resurfaced showcasing a drag queen who strove to introduce “drag queen story hour” to British children.

The drag queen in the article sought to raise LGBT awareness in children from an early age, hoping to “spread a bit of happiness and love” and promoting tolerance.

Following a backlash, the drag queen referred to the negative comments as the “kind of negativity we are trying to change.”

Tom Canham, 25 at the time of the publication, was a call center worker from Bristol who was inspired by the controversial RuPaul Drag Race’s story hour, which has gained popularity and notoriety in America in recent years.

Canham, then, managed to recruit around 30 drag queens to begin delivering these particular story hours to children.

Since then, The British Library and other London venues have hosted the reading hours–in some, children of all ages were welcomed.Loading…

National File recently reported on a story from Scotland, where a progressive headmaster at the last moment canceled a visit to the school from a drag queen after a pro-family politician revealed that part of the drag queen’s act included a scene where the performer seemingly ingested condoms.

Another story which caused a huge stir in the UK involved a local council which made a controversial addition to its curriculum to include a pamphlet which taught masturbation to children as young as 4.

The same Warwickshire Council hosted a “sextionary” on its sex-ed website which detailed extreme sexual acts to readers as young as 12.

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[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Lionel Du Cane and first published at National File, title change by P&P]