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“Female Impersonator” Dances Suggestively For 6 Year Old at Drag Queen Show.

In a video posted to Tiktok on Febuary 9th, Toronto- based Drag Queen Tynomi Banks found herself giving a 6 year old girl her own little show as all the adults around her clapped, hollered and cheered.

CONTENT WARNING: This video contains graphic cross-dressing grossness. We provide it to demonstrate what is happening to our children. Be forewarned.

The original poster claims that the little girl wanted to get a better view of the going-ons, and writes

It was so cute. The little girl asked to “dance” with her and her mom was cheering her on the entire time.

In an act of even greater child abuse than bringing her there in the first place, the mother set her up her daughter on a chair too big for her so that she could get her own little show of this man gyrating his hips suggestively and walking on all fours towards her, to the point that the little girl hands the dancer a dollar bill that had been given to her.

The young girl, for her part, looks traumatized and scared. Predictably, half of the comments on the video are completely supportive and think this is the most wonderful, cutest thing ever.

Our response, at Pulpit & Pen, is “Come quickly Jesus”