ERLC Has Obama Strategist Lecture Christians On Politics…AGAIN!

On the day following outrage on the part of Southern Baptist leaders (JD Greear, Albert Mohler, and Ronnie Floyd) who insisted the SBC isn’t drifting left, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) again used an Obama campaign strategist and Democrat staffer to lecture evangelicals on being civil in politics.

Just to recap, Obama – although seemingly dignified in his exterior – went on an 8-year campaign against Christian conservatives, sometimes breaking the law to carry out his vengeance against Christ and his church. Called “America’s Most Biblically Hostile President,”

  • He appointed a ‘transgender’ person to his faith advisory council
  • He decreed that the right of conscience would not be protected under the Affordable Care Act
  • He decreed that student loan forgiveness would no longer be granted to those serving faith-based charities
  • He claimed the First Amendment would not apply to churches or synagogues discriminating in the hiring of their pastors or rabbis
  • Obama ignored Jesus or Christian themes 100%, with ornaments of Mao Tse-Tung and a drag queen on the White House “holiday tree”
  • The Obama administration released health care rules that override religious conscience protections for medical workers in the areas of abortion and contraception
  • He refused to fill the post of religious freedom ambassador
  • Obama declined to host services for the National Prayer Day (a day established by federal law) at the White House
  • When speaking at Georgetown University, Obama ordered that a monogram symbolizing Jesus’ name be covered when making his speech
  • Obama weaponized the Internal Revenue Service against Christian charitable organizations

And yet, the ERLC is heavily promoting Michael Wear, a Democrat staffer and Obama campaign strategist who works exclusively to elect pro-choice Democrats to office.

It is not coincidental timing that the ERLC is promoting Michael Wear, because he just came out with a book lauding President Obama’s faith. The ERLC’s website promotion of individuals is usually in tandem with their book releases and they return the favor for Russell Moore and ERLC associates.

Michael Wear, whose bio is above, also recently spoke at one of JD Greear’s church campuses. The ERLC last promoted Wear in late December, in a piece in which Wear tells evangelicals to ease up on the religious convictions when they decide how to vote.

Today, the ERLC ran another piece about Wear, What Should Civility Look Like in Politics?

Please note, Michael Wear is the campaign consultant who oversaw Obama’s attack on “Christians who cling to their guns and religion.” What does Michael Wear or Obama know about civility? Their policies attempted to metaphorically sodomize Christians for eight entire years.

Russell Moore has turned the ERLC into a Democratic Political Action Committee (PAC) and his entire mission is to keep evangelicals from the voting booth in November or – if possible – to get them to vote progressive.

It’s time to defund the ERLC.