SBC President, JD Greear, Just Promoted ‘Gospel Diversity’

Okay. Maybe we’re being trolled here. Surely Greear is trying to bait us by using the term “gospel diversity” in a recent message about racial healing. What in the σκύβαλον does that mean?

In case you’re wondering, σκύβαλον is the Biblical way to say crap.

Rubbish. Malarkey. Huey. Bunk. Hogwash. Twaddle. Bunkum. Drivel. Poppycock. Feces.

You get the point. What in the stinky world of manure is “Gospel Diversity?” It’s like a mean practical joke we’re not in on. I feel like Greear just said that to make polemics ministries angry and any second now he’s going to pop around the corner like a fratboy gesturing devil horns and his tongue sticking out and be like, “Lol. Punk’d you guys. Psyche!”

But alas, I think this is real. This is today’s Southern Baptist Convention. It’s a farce.

Here’s what President Skinny Jeans said…

Not only did JD Greear use the term “gospel diversity,” but some slackjaw dumbletwit at the Executive Committee thought it made enough sense to tweet it.

Are we just randomly throwing the word “gospel” in front of stuff to make it sound more legitimate? Or is President McHomey saying there’s a diversity of gospels? Is there more than one?

At least Greear got savaged on Twitter for saying such a mentally-handicapped thing.

I went to college with this guy I think.

The term “gospel diversity” to Biblical theology is what beer pong is to Olympic sports. You basically have to be drunk to enjoy it.

These are the people running the SBC. And they think they’re smarter than you.

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