Disheveled Homeless Woman Preaches at Passion Conference

Hold on. That’s not a disheveled homeless woman. That’s a disheveled reality television star. But why is she preaching? And why does she look like she just got out of bed?

Sadie Robertson’s attire at Louie Giglio’s Passion Conference matched her ability to exposit Scripture. Her unkempt, shoddy appearance served as a metaphor for the substance of her sermon…unwashed, frumpy, and full of holes.

Similar to her sermon we covered in 2018 in the article, Sadie Robertson, like, uh, like Preaches at, like Pentecostal Megachurch You Guys and in 2015 in the article, I’m Sorry Sadie Robertson, But Jesus Did Not Die to Help You Achieve Your Goals, Sadie continued to preach a moralistic therapeutic deism. In the sermon at Passion Conference (below), Sadie again spoke about “finding your purpose” as she ran back and forth on stage in mimicry of Steven Furtick’s unique hunched-over and leaned-forward pacing.

The video was posted in the Fighting for the Faith Crew Faceook group, with a number of people commenting on Sadie’s attire, albeit apologetically. The general question seemed to be, “Why is she dressed like she’s homeless?”

One person asked…

I realize this isn’t the point, but if you knew you’d be speaking to a stadium of people, wouldn’t you first change out of the clothes you wear for eating pizza on the sofa in front of a movie?

The laid back and youthful vibe is a part of the Passion 2020 ambiance. Apparently, a youthful vibe doesn’t require (or tolerate) dressing in britches without blown-out knees.