Pope Francis Affirmed His Homosexuality, Says Gay Priest

According to a gay Roman Catholic priest (who is still in good standing with the Vatican), Pope Francis called him and affirmed his homosexuality in a phone call, before promoting him.

Friar James Alison wrote about his phone call with Pope Francis in the pro-LGBTQ Catholic publication, New Ways Ministries. That publication has been condemned by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, but hasn’t been repudiated by the Vatican or other bodies inside the Roman Catholic Church. According to Alison’s post, he was pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call from the Pope, affirming him in his sin and assuring him it didn’t matter.

Reportedly, there is at least one witness who can testify this phone call took place, who was his former vice-master who personally spoke with Francis about the call and could confirm the details.

Alison writes…

“I guess the story starts in 1994, when, fully six years a priest, it became clear to me that I could no longer pretend that there was anything wrong with same-sex love…”

He continued, “Any vows or promises undertaken when one party has been lying to the other are null. And in this case, church authority had been lying to me, as it has to so many others, with relation to who we are.”

And again, “While individuals like me can repent of the ways we have allowed that lie to form our souls, the Roman congregations have no capacity to discuss or rectify their falsehood.”

Alison goes on to claim that Francis pardoned him from being censored because of these views that gave him “the keys.”

Francis reportedly said, “I want you to walk with deep interior freedom, following the Spirit of Jesus. And I give you the power of the keys. Do you understand? I give you the power of the keys.”

According to Alison, this meant that he would be free to be a practicing homosexual and a priest and could do so without further censor. To this day, Alison serves the Roman Catholic Church as a priest despite his practice of homosexuality.